Pride Month: Be Yourself, Out Loud!

Our sexual orientation is a matter of our personal choice. We can be attracted towards anybody irrespective of their gender. This month, I take pride in seeing the growth of rights for the LGBT community in India. Homosexuality is a term that India has been familiar with since centuries. You can read more about Homosexuality and Gender Reversal in Ancient […]

Homosexuality And Gender Reversal In Ancient India

Homosexuality and gender expression weren’t always considered taboo. Modern disregard for discovering sexuality outside the metaphysical norms is not common with the ancient times. The eternal soul is neither male nor female. Since ancient times, Indian perspective has been open to all entities known to man-kind. In ancient India, all forms were accepted including Rakshasas and Apsaras. Homosexuality In Valmiki […]

Does A Cat Dream?

There was once a catWith fur obsidian blackAnd she lived among humans She was my neighborShe would crawl up to meOn my roof On the street Clawing for foodAnd attention Then one day She came to me With three kittens The most perfectRepresentation of innocenceI would feed herAnd her kittens  And it was funThen one day They stopped comingAll of them All togetherAnd I wonderedWhat had happened to […]

Chandigarh: The City Beautiful and Why We Love It

Chandigarh may not be as big and popular as Mumbai or Delhi but ask those who live here and you’ll know it is not just another small town. It ’s welcoming, cosy, homely and it’s beautiful. We enjoy the rush of a metro city (sometimes) and the calm of a serene retraites’ paradise. From places for an epic weekend getaway to Monday hangovers, we have it all.


About Us

“Good things happen to those who Do Epic Shit!’ Life gives us thousands of shitty moments, but how we turn them into epic ones is what really matters. With a daily dose of epic content we are here to help you unwind and hop off the hamster wheel. Who are we? We are a bunch of recent college graduates walking […]