The Creation Of The Universe

The creation of the universe. The year is 2000 BC and the ancient Greeks have just entered the territory that is now associated with them. Egypt is still a great power. A part of this meandering and evolving world the Greeks begin to wonder and wander. They begin to enrich their culture with various stories and legends to explain and […]

A Garbage Crisis- Poor Waste Management in India

Human society sustains itself by transforming nature into garbage. Mason Cooley (1927-2002) One of the biggest problems we’re facing in terms of environmental issues, currently, is poor waste management. Why are we talking about this? This is the image we form for our tourists. India is considered to be unsanitary. Every day we clean our houses and mindlessly throw a […]

Atilla The Hun: The Scourge of God

Attila The Hun might ring a bell if you saw Night at The Museum. He’s the guy on the extreme right in the picture below. Let’s dive right into who he was and what he accomplished. Attila The Hun is also known as Flagellum Dei or The Scourage of God. The year is 413AD. The Roman empire is still recovering […]

The First King Of Visigoths: Alaric I

The first king of Visigoths is on the daunting task of marching onto Constantinople(capital city of the Roman Empire) and challenging the Roman emperor. Rome has insulted his honor. Alaric and his army of 30,000 men are pillaging everything under the flag of Rome. If you have just joined and missed the start of the story, click here. Stilicho: The […]

Alaric I: The Man Who Sacked Rome

We have all heard of the famous Roman Empire. Emperors like Julius Ceaser and Augustus have all frequented our eyes and ears. But did you know about the man who sacked Rome? But what happened to the great Roman Empire? Where did it go? Why and how did it disappear into oblivion? Flashback Let’s take a little stroll back in […]