Making Banoffee Pie Without An Oven

So many recipes, especially cakes or Italian dishes like Lasagna, or Frittata require baking, but having the right Oven is the key! I learned during the lockdown that a Halogen can never compensate for an OTG! So I decided to try making desserts without baking, starting with Banoffee Pie. Now that it’s the winter season, here is an easy pie […]

Love All Colors

Love is pure, it is kind. Love is tough, it is blind. Love is me, and it is you. It sees no labels, Fears no norms. Love can make you rebel Oppression of all forms. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, Equally created by God. Humanity’s silhouettes, together make a rainbow, Individual and proud just the way they […]

Chandigarh: The City Beautiful and Why We Love It

Chandigarh may not be as big and popular as Mumbai or Delhi but ask those who live here and you’ll know it is not just another small town. It ’s welcoming, cosy, homely and it’s beautiful. We enjoy the rush of a metro city (sometimes) and the calm of a serene retraites’ paradise. From places for an epic weekend getaway to Monday hangovers, we have it all.