There was once a cat
With fur obsidian black
And she lived among humans 
She was my neighbor
She would crawl up to me
On my roof 
On the street 
Clawing for food
And attention

Then one day 
She came to me 
With three kittens 
The most perfect
Representation of innocence
I would feed her
And her kittens 

And it was fun
Then one day 
They stopped coming
All of them 
All together
And I wondered
What had happened to them

Then one night
I heard shrieking
It was her 
But she looked sick
Her fur had gotten coarse
She came closer 
And I realized it 
She wasn’t sick 
She was sad

The kittens had died
Her children had died
And she came and sat
Next to me 
A defeated growl
I looked at her
Into her green eyes 
That see even 
What mine fail to 
In the shadow less night

She told me 
She didn’t feel like 
Living any more 
Not in the sense of being a cat
And she slept that night 
On the roof
Under the moon
And in the morning
I went back up 
To give her food
And she was gone

Her body was still there 
I did what I could
And buried her
In the ground 
Wrapped in a grey cloth
With some salt
So no animal may harm her 

Now I see her sometimes
Crossing between shadows 
Walking the worlds
Stretching in the space between space 
Seeing what I am seeing 
My future, my past 
And my present
All the times I’ve been less of a human
Than the human I am 
And silently judging me 
Weighing my soul 
In the darkness and madness
Of the chaotic shrieking 
Of the pallid reality

In dreams of despair
Etching and crawling
Waiting to come back 
One day again to the 
Same roof to tell me 
What I told her
That it was time to sleep
It will be better in dreams

29 thoughts on “Does A Cat Dream?

  1. OMG!! I’m so effin proud of you. I clicked on the link reading the word cat and thought that it was some article about cats that you had sent , as soon as the link opened, I took a screenshot of the black cat and was about to send it to you captioning that I want a black cat now and not a white cat anymore😂 but I was like lemme just read this before sending it to him . I started reading and was so into the story and was absolutely loving it and half way through I was like , wait , looks like Yodhin has written it and thats when I scrolled up and saw by Yodhin Aggarwal and I can’t tell you how proud and happy I was . It’s probably one of your best work I’ve ever read . You definitely ain’t a tryo YY🍉🍉

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