Feminism as a concept is widely misunderstood by people today. A word which is overly used, rather misused in this modern world we live in. We have grown up hearing everyone around us, our parents and even our grandparents talking about equal rights for everybody. In this day and age, however, “Everybody” only comprises of women and a few minority classes of the society.

We live in a society where misogyny gets more recognition even though its counterpart, misandry is equally toxic. We cannot deny that India has always been a male-dominant society. Therefore, feminism today plays a defensive role for women as they have a history of going undefended.  Although ‘equality for everyone’ sounds too good to be true. We have to understand that equality for women isn’t about male-bashing.

Everybody being able to keep their opinions freely is how I define equality, irrespective of their race, sex, religion or any other culturally or socially implied differences among the people. Slandering a particular part of the society can never prove to be a smart move. People referring to feminism as “pseudo” is in itself, evidence of its downfall.

The underlying idea of the feminist movement was to bring women to an equal position as men, not by degrading men, but by uplighting women. You can fight for equal rights for men and still call yourself a feminist.


We live in the era of Citizen Journalism. Today, the youth has an opportunity to raise their voice through various social media platforms. However, the downside of social media is that there is nobody cross-checking the information and people tend to believe anyone saying anything.  On the brighter side, most of us have a habit of ignoring the offset side of the situation.

We’ve all heard and read about the ‘Bois locker room‘ incident. Our ‘so-called feminists’ and Social Media Influencers came up with their own conclusions for the issue. What was happening in that Instagram group was indeed disgusting, but the half and incomplete communication of information and misinterpretation led to an innocent boy committing suicide. I am sure you must have also come across numerous videos of girls talking about this issue, but all these girls were quiet when screenshots from ‘girl’s locker room‘ came out.


If girls talk shit about men, they are bold and confident. But if a boy does the same he’s an asshole, pervert and what not. Not to say that they were right. Talking trash about anybody is without a question disgusting, but none of those so-called feminists came forward to apologize or mourn the death of the innocent boy. In my opinion, if a girl committed suicide for being falsely accused of something she hadn’t done, social media would have ranged with posts filled with hatred for all men.

The point is when someone is wrong they should face the consequences, REGARDLESS OF GENDER!

This habit and practice of degrading men is the root cause of pseudo-feminism. If a man is dating three girls at the same time, it’s okay if his girl abuses him. But if a girl is dating five boys at the same time, it’s her choice!

I have come across many girls who’ve accused boys of cheating on them. While they have done the same with a number of guys calling it “the right thing to do”!


There’s no point talking about how the feminism movement started. We all know that past times, rather decades and centuries have been difficult for women. The society has treated them inferior to men. Surely, we cannot ignore the fact that there are still men who are fighting for their rights, and there are also women who still feel that women are not equal to men. I have friends and cousins who respect women most in this world and I trust them with every secret of my life without fear of judgement. So, its important that we clear out the thought “All men are same” out of our heads.

It’s true that women are an important part of the society, but at the same time, the importance of men must not be ignored. So the next time someone casually asks you (this is for the women out there) “Why aren’t you married yet?”, rather than accusing them of thinking that a girl needs a man to live a happy life, just smile and tell them, “I’m waiting for someone worth spending my whole life with”. This wouldn’t make you any less of a feminist, I assure you that!

The sex (and gender) you are or support should not influence your statements as a voice trying to make a difference. The basic idea of feminism is that if you expect men to understand and support your ideas and abilities, it is important we start understanding them too.

If you are friends with a man (or even a boy) who does not respect women or consider them as an equal counterpart, make sure to educate him. Do not assume every guy out there is not a good human being. There are good guys out there too, #NOTallmen are the same.

14 thoughts on “FEMINISM: Naarivaad To Hypocrisy

  1. Very well written Shruti 💯, As you mentioned the whole point of feminism is to uplift women and bring them on the same level as of men, but yet some people use this as an advantage over men and even the police authorities and governments support them, nevertheless gender equality should be practiced by both men and women and everyone should be treated with equal respect. I liked the way how the whole article was encapsulated and how, you being a female writer equally supported men(Gender equality at it’s best, what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, regardless of the gender). Good job, keep up the excellent work 💯🔥

  2. Very well written!
    It is the need of the hour to explain what’s what.
    Every human being is to be treated equally, none to be placed above another based on any factor. Gender or otherwise! 🥰

  3. the article is exceptionally interesting , written of the subject in a very humble way and it is still heavy with emotion . Awesome take shruti *flies away ( intrigued apache helicopter noises )

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