Here are fortnightly suggestions based on Tarot Cards by Karan Munjal. You need to choose a pair of cards from the image below. After you’ve made a choice, scroll down to read what your chosen cards mean.

Tarot card pairs

Let the cards speak. Don’t try to limit or control their voice, but let the message flow freely, a partnership of mutual respect, cooperation, and trust.

David Cunliffe

Pair 1: King Of Pentacles & 8 Of Cups

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 1

In terms of any financial matter, take a responsible and mature decision. Do not turn your back to any trouble that might occur. Take a pragmatic approach and try to solve the issue rather than making any delays in dealing with it.

Pair 2: Ace Of Swords & Knight Of Cups

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 2

You may need to gather more courage in situations that you are dealing with. Be assertive and take initiative. Do not wait for someone else to do things.

Pair 3: 7 Of Pentacles & The Hermit

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 3

Take time to measure your progress. Be mindful of where you are spending your resources, time, and energy. Maintain a balance with spending time with yourself and with other people.

Pair 4: Justice & 6 Of Swords

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 4

Take a balanced approach in your decision-making. Consider the pros and cons and then take a step forward. If you are facing any issue that you are not sure of, consider taking an expert opinion. Efforts towards any problem will help you in turning the boat out of troubled waters into calmer waters.

Pair 5: The Empress & 2 Of Pentacles

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 5

You may need to juggle between situations. Also, seek to express your creativity and thoughts without any reservations. Be prepared for any delays, as things may take time to fall in place.

Pair 6: 7 Of Swords & 8 Of Pentacles

Fortnightly suggestions based on Pair 6

It will be good if you rely on proper planning. Avoid any kind of dishonesty in any of your plans. You will get results in proportion to the efforts you put, so keep on your grind.

That’s all for the suggestions for this week, from me and Tarot.

Good luck! May the Universe bless you all and may the odds be in your favor.

Stay safe and stay home!

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