To have a heart like mine is all kinds of feelings.  

It is to know that

it’s not just logical to have a functional full-sized aortic pump.

To have a heart,

a human heart,

is a sense of care.

One that makes you feel

that emotion to be thankful

for the cool morning breeze

brushing away your hair.  

That grace in your heart

is making you human, a good one.

For all I’ve known,

as humans we often oversee the feelings of another.

We are the most gifted species

in terms of resources.

And yet,

IT IS us who do not have the desire to understand what the creatures of the other kind feel.

Some of us do,

and that truly makes us more human.

To understand

what another might feel,

with the expressions

and the eyes

and the little gestures.

But to come together and help one another in this world.  

It’s something else. 

Heart Of A Poet

To learn the joy to watch

the setting sun paint the sky red.

Or when the summer sun

forms a mirage on the empty roads.

Or when a small canopy

slips that Tyndall scattering.

Or when the lil droplets

form a rainbow. 

What more magic do we need to witness

to be able to believe in it 

on this very planet? 

To feel the magic of love.

And to feel the reality of love.

That makes you feel lighter

than your body and floats you afar.

To see through appearances and

appreciate the beauty of the soul.

To see the spirits that scream

the similar colors as of yours.

To feel what it’s like to lose yourself into another.

And to learn, how the presence of another

can lighten up your world in the blink of an eye.

To feel how much more to life there is,

and above all

the greed,

the hunger,

the sin,

the fear,

the envy.

It’s truly a thrilling game.

And to know you have a heart

that is prepared to feel so much,

that might need a hand

to be written down

is truly to have a poet’s heart.

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