The true tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs.

A.E. Waite

Horoscope Based on Sun Sign through Tarot

Karan Munjal Horoscope

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Aries ♈:

If you have any plans or ambitions, you should try and act on them. You may face some unexpected troubles. Also, try and look at the brighter things to keep yourself going.
Suggestions: Be consistent in your efforts. Take out adequate time for yourself. Also, take care of your health.

Taurus ♉️:

You may enjoy the safety and comfort at home or with people who are like family. At times, you may feel stuck or frustrated. Also, if you are planning to do something, it is a good time to give a shape to those plans.
Suggestions: Don’t let your hopes or greed overpower you.

Gemini ♊:

You may have a lot of things that you may need to strike a balance between. Some of you may get into some kind of arguments. Also, you may be faced with challenges, but with some efforts, you’ll sail your way through.
Suggestions: Put yourself first for better results.

Cancer ♋:

You will have a mixed time. At times, you may be full of energy and feel very strong. But, there will also be times when you may feel very burdened with things.
Suggestions: Be prepared for some delays. Also, test the waters before trying out anything different.

Leo ♌:

A good time if you are thinking of doing something new. There may be times when you may need some time alone or may feel lonely. Also, a few of you may not find the desired support that you be looking for.
Suggestions: Try and strike a balance whenever you have any decisions or choices to make.

Virgo ♍:

Some of you may receive some information or news. Somethings may not be as good as they may seem to be. A few of you may be faced with the feeling of being bound or gagged. Also, try and go with the flow.
Suggestions: Meeting people or staying in touch with them would turn out to be good for you. Don’t do anything which may disturb your stability.

Libra ♎:

Some old situations may come to an end or some new situations may come up. Some good things and bright prospects may come your way. Maintain a good rapport with your partner, if you have one.
Suggestions: Use your discernment to decide what is truly important to you. Try and maintain a balance between important things in life.

Scorpio ♏:

You may need inner strength to deal with certain situations. Also, you may have some visitors or may visit someone or may have some messages to share. Some of you may get stuck over things that may not have turned out good for you and may overlook good things in this process. At times, you may need to let go of certain emotions.
Suggestions: Try and avoid things that may be risky.

Sagittarius ♐:

You may have to assess and plan your path before going ahead. Some travel may be on the cards. Improvements are there, but they may involve delays. You may have a good time with your partner or with the people you love.
Suggestions: Help the people in need. Socializing may prove beneficial to you. Try and spend time in nature and with animals.

Capricorn ♑:

You may have some choices or decisions to make. Certain situations may not turn out as you may expect them to be. A few of you may have quarrels. At times, some of you may need some time alone or some soul searching time.
Suggestions: Whatever you do, do it with the utmost care. Travel safely. You may have to turn your boat out of troubled waters into calmer waters.

Aquarius ♒:

You may receive an important letter or news. Some of you may require mental resilience to navigate your path.
Suggestions: Try and spend as much time with your family. Also, try and spend time with old people or you may try and visit an old age home. Spending your time doing a spiritual or religious activity will be good for you.

Pisces ♓:

This fortnight you may have something to celebrate or may have some bright happenings. You may see some delays in certain situations. Also, there may be some unexpected problems in your way. Some of you may have to travel. You may also have to balance the opposite polarities.
Suggestions: Try and maintain a balance in life. Also, be open to new activities. 

May the last month of this year bring you lots of joy and the energy to keep


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