Stood on the edge of the roof today 

The night reeks of abandonment

Listening to the wind

To the anguish of a world

A world in pain

You can hear it too


As a girl slices red lines on wrist


To the happy laughter of little children


To the rushing rivers of blood

Listen to the cries of the helpless

Listen to the mad shrieking

Listen to the clock ticking

Listen to  time slipping

Listen you can hear it 

I’m hiding in my dreams

I feel different


I don’t want to leave for the real world

Where there is pain

Where there is suffering

Silence washes over this place

There are no sounds

No screaming

No sobbing

No pain

No madness

I can see myself sleeping without dreaming

But it seems like a restful sleep

The only noise is the gentle wind

Blowing , rustling the trees

Listen, you can hear it!

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