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Masaba Masaba, Netflix India’s latest Original starring Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, and Neil Bhoopalam as the main cast premiered globally on August 28, 2020. The Director of the show is Sonam Nair.

The show is a comedy-drama and takes us through a hybrid route, blending facts along with a fictional sneak-peak into Masaba Gupta’s life in film and fashion, and is her debut as an actor. With an IMDB rating of 6.9/10, the show is definitely a one-time watch!

What sets the show apart and makes one want to watch it is that amongst so many dark thriller shows, Netflix brings to you a short and light, chick flick like six-part series that takes you on a hilarious ride.

The Story

The best part of the show for me personally is that it takes you through the life of Masaba Gupta as a person, not as a fashion designer. The actor will mesmerize you with her smooth and fabulous acting skills. The show is short, keeps you engaged, and is worth the binge-watch! Not derailing from the focus on their lives as individuals, the show also takes into account the mother-daughter relationship. An entertaining show with subtle messages.

The show is a portrayal of Masaba and her mother, Neena Gupta as brave, independent women. It is about Masaba finding her ground, making mistakes, and the duo rediscovering themselves. Initially, the show might seem like a mess, cluttered and confusing, but it starts to fall together just perfectly. By the last episode, the show will at least put a smile on your face. It is a package of a typical chick flick – relationships, gossips, fashion, all-inclusive. The cameo appearances from guest actors in each episode were a pleasant surprise.

The Filmography

The cinematography of the show was very well handled. The screenplay contained all the ingredients that make an entertaining chick flick. Being a fashionista herself, Masaba’s show had some excellent costumes. As for the editing, it was a strength of the show, giving it a run time of little over 3 hours.

Overall, Masaba Masaba may not leave you mesmerized, but it will not disappoint you either. A mélange of a good screenplay blended with humor and short run time, the web series will be over before you may start getting bored of it. A must watch for millennials and a good way of passing an evening for sure!

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