An Old Room & A Tired Man

Life can be bitter, even for a mindless savage I find the night more interesting as it is harder to see The less you can see, the more you can forgive Small men in big coats are trying around me to buy more ego with heavier shoes And living on luck you realize Nobody really knows Nobody really cares And […]

Outsider Of The Year

Why must people find faults? Beer spilt Wine wasted Gloomy evenings No rain Insomnia No job Lack of love Lack of sleep Only nightmares Nothing ever done Clock ticking My fingers typing Words with more soul than some people In flies Through tired eyes Just so that You can understand yourself better!

How long can I live, if I make you my cocaine?

As I ogle into your eyes, for a second longer,  the thought to perforate your walls, turns much stronger. How deep can I dive, without having to breathe again? How long can I live, if I make you my cocaine? Dark and hollow, don’t see where I’m going,  maybe just following the refulgent, your smile’s been showing. If we were […]


Uncertainty takes a hold of your reality, As you grow older, you see it with clarity, Most desired promises, often end up in vanity, The ones who sin the most, ask for charity. Uncertainty takes a hold of your reality, Making me question my sanity. Ever wonder how’d it feel, If pain helped us heal? Have you ever thought? If […]

A Meaningful Life

Refusing to grant meaning to life, does not mean it is not worth living. Take a sheet of paper and draw a single line on it. One straight line. What does it mean? Does it mean it is meaningless? Or does it mean that in its essence of meaningless, It can mean anything? It could be the number 1, It […]


Stood on the edge of the roof today  The night reeks of abandonment Listening to the wind To the anguish of a world A world in pain You can hear it too Listen  As a girl slices red lines on wrist Listen  To the happy laughter of little children Listen To the rushing rivers of blood Listen to the cries of the helpless […]