If you try to look up sex education, you’ll find a wide variety of results. Ranging from education about sexual reproduction to sexual feelings and sexual health. And to me, none of these sound vulgar or harmful.

So today, let’s talk about sex education.

What is sex education?

From my point of view, sex education includes each aspect relating to the one-act. To be precise, it’s not just about reproduction, it is about the sexual, psychological, and social health of a person.

These are the things we are supposed to learn, first, from our parents, who are our first teachers. After that in school like every other thing, we are taught as a part of our curriculum. As mundane as, when a child learns these are eyes and this is the nose.

Parents’ role

A parent is the first role-model any child has, regardless of gender. You cannot leave out talking to your children about things because it may be a hard conversation or because it is awkward or weird. You will be held responsible when your child finds a much less reliable source of information; THE INTERNET!

I heard this in a TEDx event video, “If you want a hard life, have easy conversations. If you want an easy life, have hard conversations.” The internet is a vast space, filled with a humongous range of content. In this day and age, children are introduced to the internet at a very early age. If you won’t talk to them about the more important things about sex, they will find a porn website. I’m pretty sure then they’ll skip through the sensible parts of it.

Aversion to Sex Education in India

Sex education in India is wildly overlooked because teachers are not comfortable talking about sex. Sex is a taboo topic for public discussions. Meanwhile, the majority of young adults in our country are hyped-up on hormones but don’t know the first thing about sexual health. Sex education is strongly objected to and opposed. It is BANNED in six states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka. Apparently, it is against “Indian values”, did you know that? LOL.

 Sex Education in India
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So should we presume Indians don’t have sex? Then, how do we reproduce?

Learning about sex is just as normal as learning about the endocrine system. It should be eased in just like mathematics. First, you learn the numbers, then add and subtract them. Eventually, you reach a point where you have to learn calculus. It is a step by step process.

To learn about your body is important. Our minds are so closed that we just can’t see how much these little things affect the whole society. To elaborate, 70% of the women I know, don’t even know how they’re supposed to enjoy sex. The internet has glamorized the idea of raw sex so much, but do we care or even know about STIs and STDs?

In our country, sex education goes only as far as the chapter on reproduction in class 8th which every teacher awkwardly skips through. The chapter only includes one small section about STIs and contraception. The second thing is showing adolescent girls presentations about how they might begin menstruating soon. What about boys? Why leave the mystery for them? Probably to grow into guys who are disgusted by the slightest mention of menstruation?

Becky says things about … men and menstruation
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Be your child’s best teacher

Teach your children that sex is not just monkey business and that you don’t just go, hump anyone, you like. Teach them about consent, sexual healthcare, and contraception. Tell your child, when they come of age, what is the correct way to approach someone. The fact that if someone isn’t interested, let them be. Don’t make it into a Bollywood movie. Where if someone says “NO” it turns into a challenge of turning it into a “YES”.

This is the real world and what the person in front of you says is what the person actually means. Teach your child to not be fooled by society’s comprehension of what means YES. Teach them that nothing less than the proper enunciation of the word “yes”, means yes.

And before I finish this article,

Let’s talk about rape

No person is born a rapist. No person intends to be one. But one moment decides it all, that is the moment of judgment. Whether to be a responsible friend and drop your drunk friend home or to take advantage of them. Whether to watch someone force themselves on someone and not do anything about it or try to stop it. To consider a lonely person walking down the street alone at night as a person and not just a piece of meat for your satisfaction. And to learn about the fact that NO MEANS NO.

A woman, a man, or a person of any other orientation, doesn’t automatically become obligated to give themselves to anyone based on their personal choices. Learn to be human.

no means no sex education
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To conclude, a child’s mind is a blank canvas and a parent’s influence becomes its brightest colors. Pay attention to what you’re imprinting on their young minds.

Above all, do teach your children to DO EPIC SHIT!

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