As the unlock 3.0 guidelines come to end today. Consequently, new guidelines to the next step to lifting the national lockdown have been issued. So far people have had a mixed reaction to the unlock-scheme.

Some people feel that a hike in the number of active-cases and deaths should act as an alarm to keep the lockdown in effect longer. Whereas some people feel that it would be quite sometime before a vaccine can be introduced. But this shouldn’t mean the economy should suffer, so many people are losing their jobs. Some businesses are in a constant loss as they’re still not allowed to function. And the ones who suffer the most are the ones working at the lowest of a hierarchy. By following the basic guidelines of social conduct during the pandemic, people can continue to work.

I, myself, feel the same as the latter group of people. One needs to be thoughtful of oneself and everybody else around. Clean your hands, wear your masks, maintain social distance, and stay at home if you’re sick.

Activities permitted with Unlock 4.0

Except for containment zones, here is what all would be allowed during unlock 4.0-

  1. Weddings, funerals, and other social gatherings allowed to take place with a ceiling of 100 persons. Only after the 21st of September, though.
  2. 7th September onwards, the metro rail will be functional. However, a separate set of rules would be in effect for traveling in the metro. Here are the details:
  3. Restriction on inter-state movement to be lifted. No permits or e-cards required for the same.
  4. Skill or entrepreneurship training in National skill training and industrial training institutes will be allowed from the 21st of September
  5. Open-air theaters allowed to open after the 21st of September.
  6. Students from class 9 to class 12 allowed to go to their schools, 21st September onwards. If they require guidance from their teachers, on a voluntary basis. However, only along with a signed consent form by their parents/guardians.
  7. Laboratory and experimental work allowed to work by the Department of Higher Education. Depending on COVID-19 situation, for research students and technical and professional courses.

However, the rules remain the same in containment zones. These guidelines are not effective in containment zones.

Activities restricted during Unlock 4.0

  1. Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, etc. will remain closed.
  2. International travel as permitted by the Ministry of House Affairs.
  3. Schools, colleges, and institutes will remain closed. Although, 50% of staff to be called to school for online teaching/counseling.
  4. People above the age of 65, people with morbid conditions, and children under the age of 10 are still being advised to stay home.
  5. Lockdown will remain in force except for essential services in the containment zone.

Instructions for social conduct remain the same

Strict enforcement of rules along with penalties on misconduct will continue.

As mentioned above,

Face masks, social distancing, and no-spitting in public. These measures are to protect you and others around you. However, thermal scanning and hand sanitation is necessary at all entry points.

MHA encourages people to keep working from home. The offices that do require a certain percentage of employees in the office have to follow the national directives-list.

This pandemic has surely changed our lives in an unacceptable manner but to survive, one must acknowledge what is important. None of us would want our friends or family to suffer. And so, on a personal note, I would recommend that everyone must follow the national directives. And as a responsible citizen, if you see someone else going against the tide, politely advise them.

Meanwhile, you think it can’t happen to you or if it does happen, you’ll get treatment. I must remind you of the rising rate of mortality due to COVID-19. And also, unavailability of enough beds and ventilators in hospitals.

Let’s be safe out there and

DO EPIC SHIT, anyway!

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