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Horoscope Based on Sun Sign through Tarot

Karan Munjal Tarot
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Aries ♈:

Somethings may happen very quickly, at a lightning pace. Some of you may receive something good. Also, You need to keep reassessing the situation at hand. A few of you may see the end of a situation
Suggestions: Be prepared for some delays. Socialize with others. Spend time in nature and with animals.

Taurus ♉️:

You may need to make some efforts this week. Also, you may need to balance your emotions depending on what situation you’re in. Some of you may spend quality time with your family or may go countryside.
Suggestions: Take care of your health. You may need some time for rest. A good time to meet new people or strengthening old bonds.

Gemini ♊:

More or less a balanced week for you. You may get to meet some people which may bring some peace of mind. Also, some of you may receive some positivity from home. A few you may need to be a bit stronger for some situations.
Suggestions: Be prepared for some delays. Avoid any kind of deceiving, especially at the professional front.

Cancer ♋:

You may have something to share this week. Also, some of you may try and test or experiment with something, but face delays or deceptions. Being caring will work in your favor.
Suggestions: Be kind to the people around you. Moreover, try and find solutions to problems that may come your way.

Leo ♌:

The week could bring some excesses, so be careful not to become greedy. You may see an end to some situation or they may see completion phases or some new things happening. Deal with people and things in a gentle way.
Suggestions: Be prepared for any surprises. Be authoritative, but don’t be cold or too hard.

Virgo ♍: 

You may see somethings getting completed. Some of you may receive an important letter. Try and deal with situations in a balanced manner and avoid turning your back on any problems.
Suggestions: Don’t overburden yourself with high expectations. Take time off whenever required.

Libra ♎:

Some of you may have some new opportunities this week. Also, you may sign or receive some documents. Certain situations may see improvements but may have delays around it. You may need inner strength to deal with things or people or your inner self. Some sort of travel may be on the cards. Also, a good time for those who are planning on some sort of expansion or doing something new.
Suggestions: Avoid any unnecessary arguments. Some efforts would be required to meet expectations.

Scorpio ♏:

You may face certain issues and may even have some frustrating times. But, you may be able to overcome them. Also, you may require some inner strength for confrontation with yourself or other people. You may need to take some time out. Rest and relaxation may be needed.
Suggestions: Avoid any kind of frustrations or feeling of being gagged. Be prepared for some secrets to be revealed.

Sagittarius ♐: 

Some travel may be on the cards. A good week for those, looking for expansion. You may feel disinterested in some situations you may be in. Also, you may need to act and make efforts on certain things. Some of you may have some arguments.
Suggestions: Be prepared for making efforts and don’t avoid making them when required.

Capricorn ♑: 

You may have to undertake a journey. Also, you may be required to balance certain situations. Some of you may get to celebrate. There may be troubles for a few of you. You may need to take out some time for yourself.
Suggestions: You may have to juggle with situations or things. Also, you may have some emotions or things to release.

Aquarius ♒: 

You may face certain issues, but you can overcome them with effort and strength. Also, you may need some time to re-energize yourself. You may have a stable environment at home. A good week if you are into investments.
Suggestions: Try spending some time alone. If possible, spend time near water, with nature, etc. Don’t have over-expectations.

Pisces ♓:

You may need to get a little stronger for some situations. Also, some of you may have something which may happen very quickly. A few of you may have the feeling of being trapped. Some kind of journey may be there. And, you may have to balance some opposite polarities.
Suggestions: Test the waters before doing anything. Also, don’t go overboard and try and act in a balanced manner. 

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