Here are weekly suggestions based on Tarot Cards for the coming week. You need to choose a pair of cards from the image below. After you’ve made a choice, scroll down to read what your chosen cards mean.

Let the cards speak. Don’t try to limit or control their voice, but let the message flow freely, a partnership of mutual respect, cooperation, and trust.

David Cunliffe

Pair 1: Ace Of Cups & The Fool

Weekly Suggestions Pair 1

Approach things and situations with an open heart. Take a giant leap forward when you think it’s the right time. Also, do things and be with people that give you security. If you are an animal lover, spend some quality time with your pets or even with stray animals you find near your house.

Pair 2: 6 Of Swords & 6 Of Wands

Weekly Suggestions Pair 2

Face any troubles that you have and keep moving forward, soldier. If you think, someone requires your help in moving ahead, help that person. Socialize with others. Try to spend time in green spaces.

Pair 3: 4 Of Swords & Of Pentacles

Weekly Suggestions Pair 3

Take time to assess your efforts. You may also consider taking some rest and seeing things from a different perspective. Evaluate, what changes you may need to make in your approach.

Pair 4: 10 Of Swords & 8 Of Swords

Weekly Suggestions Pair 4

Some transformation may take place. Avoid making too many changes from your side and be patient.

Pair 5: 7 Of Cups & 3 Of Swords

Weekly Suggestions Pair 5

You may have numerous choices in front of you. Some of them may not be be very clear. Don’t be in a rush to make a decision. Analyze all your options well to avoid making any hasty decisions that you may regret, later.

Pair 6: The High Priestess & The Lovers

Weekly Suggestions Pair 6

You may have to go with your gut feeling or listen to your heart in certain situations. Look out for red flags in things or situations you may be involved in.

That’s all for the suggestions for this week, from me and Tarot.

Good luck! May the Universe bless you all and may the odds be in your favor.

Stay safe and stay home.

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