We will be giving you weekly suggestions based on Tarot Cards every week now. You need to choose a pair of cards from the image below. After you’ve made a choice, scroll down to read what your chosen cards mean.

Tarot cards
Karan Munjal’s cards

Let the cards speak. Don’t try to limit or control their voice, but let the message flow freely, a partnership of mutual respect, cooperation, and trust.

David Cunliffe

Pair 1

Weekly Suggestions for Pair 1

So for those of you who have chosen the first pair, stay focused on whatever it is that you are doing. If you are trying to get better at something, practice, practice, and practice! Approach things with an open heart. Make choices that offer you more stability.

Pair 2

Weekly Suggestions for Pair 2

While making any major decision, choose your heart over head. Be caring towards people around you. Also, socialize and involve yourself with people who give you peace of mind.

Pair 3

Weekly Suggestions for Pair 3

For those of you who have chosen the third pair, look out for the red flags in situations that you are involved in. Go in with all your might. Be aggressive but nimble.

Pair 4

Weekly Suggestions for Pair 4

If you have chosen the last pair, you may need to let go of certain things. If you think something might be painful, face it head-on! Also, know when to walk away from a certain situation.

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