You may ask where is Belarus, I too haven’t heard of it. To begin, let’s take a look at its geography. Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe, and its capital is Minsk. It is surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia on various sides. 


All of its neighbors (except Russia) are NATO states. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a global alliance that consists of 30 states from Europe and North America. It was established on 4 April 1949 at the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. Out of these 30 states, only two are in North America(Canada and USA), the other 28 are European countries. Russia actually itself holds a great bit of interest in ensuring that it does not lose its hold over Belarus.


Well apparently Mr. Alexander Lukashenko (President of Belarus) tried to wise-ass his way through the elections but it backfired. He took over in 1994 and served as the first authority on all matters. Lukashenko and his regime have come to be known as the last surviving European dictatorship. But, post the rigged elections where Lukashenko claimed to have won over 80 percent of votes, it seems like he might have to leave his beloved post soon.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel stated that the elections were neither fair nor free. It rained cats and dogs on Tuesday night in Minsk, but people came out the next morning to strike. Lukashenko’s brutal and loyal police force was out there and they were arresting strikers and supporters with full force. Many protesters have been detained or arrested but the strike is still on! Thousands of protesters have come out on the street to join the strike but even after police brutality, the citizens of Belarus stand united.


Right now it doesn’t seem like the Russian Federation is willing to openly defend Lukashenko and his crumbling regime because a rebellion on the streets of Minsk could very well turn into one against Putin in no time.

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  1. We will not allow any dictator around the world to rule over us at any cost.
    Democracy ( which is not near its ideal condition in countries like india n pakistan) is the only option for today’s generation. The solution to many problems.
    May the voice of people rise day by day, so we can see a much needed revolution.

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